Our Refund Policy

Following course commencement, full fees will be required to be paid in full (if less than 1500) unless agreed payment plan between student and RTO

  • Refunds may be made in the following circumstances:
  • Participants have overpaid the administration charge
  • Participants enrolled in training that has been terminated by the RTO
  • Participant advises the RTO 10 days prior to course commencement that they are withdrawing from course
  • If the participant withdraws from a course or program due to illness or extreme hardship as determined by the RTO ( Will need Medical Certificate for Illness)
  • In the event that the RTO fails to provide the agreed services
  • An administration fee of $200 is required to be paid prior to course commencement which is included within the deposit fee, but may be entitled to a refund of the remaining deposit. If the student withdraws from the course at any time, they will forfeit this administration fee. If the total course fee is less than $200, then the total of the course is to be paid prior to course commencement to secure a place within the course.
  • No refunds will be issued for once the course has commenced.

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